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The Hope Center

The Hope Center, located in Woodstock, GA is a crisis pregnancy center, providing Christ-centered counseling for those who are struggling with decisions about their pregnancy. In 2007, Verna and a community choir joined together to raise funds for The Hope Center.

Two main areas inspired me to do this concert:

  1. To rally help for this organization that saves many lives each year. In fact, enough money was raised through our concert to purchase an ultrasound machine! This ultrasound machine has literally saved lives, because often if the mother of an unwanted pregnancy sees the baby on the ultrasound, her heart changes, realizing that this IS a living, breathing life.
  2. Organizing a community choir bears fruit in so many ways. First of all, it brings different churches together in unity for the cause of Christ. Secondly, several choir members are not plugged into a church body, or do not even attend church, because they do not have a relationship with Christ. With music as the common ground, some singers who wouldn’t normally walk into a typical church building, come and are introduced to the love of Christ for the first time.

Click here to visit The Hope Center website.

Hope Center

Hope Center

Photos by Steve Vereb, www.svereb.com

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