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A city where Christ was once revered now is shrouded in darkness. There are 3 times more witches than priests in Rome and the great churches are thought of as museums rather than places of worship. What looks so beautiful on the outside has fallen to ruins on the inside.

In 2009, Verna and Dennis traveled to this dark city, meeting with Greater Europe Mission staff members to begin plans for a music camp. In 2010 we sent our first youth/adult team to Rome, hoping to minister to non-believers. While the majority of the campers were church-goers, it was clear that God knew better than we who needed our ministry. We needed to pray and model an atmosphere of unity for the body of Christ in Rome.

Summer 2011 saw another team, one that was blessed to see more non-believers at the camp. Campers were loved on, encouraged in their musical gifts, and heard the Gospel both at camp and just hanging out. Other churches have watered the seeds we planted. Two different American churches provided 3 weeks of music and arts camps in 2012.

Yet we wait and hope and pray. Rome still needs a full-time to work with both youth and adults. Until an Italian national is equipped to lead, we will continue to provide resources to Rome. Please join us in continuing to pray that the people of Rome will once again turn their hearts to Christ.

Check out info and photos from our Rome 2010 trip.

He put a New Song in my mouth, a song of Praise to our God.

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