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Rome 2010

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Through our ministry at the Greater Europe Missions Annual Conferences in Europe, we met Peppo and Jane Biscarini, missionaries to Rome, Italy. During a visit to Atlanta in 2008, he shared with us the desperate spiritual state of Rome. Yes, Rome, Italy. A city where Christ was once revered now is shrouded in darkness. There are fewer than 1% Evangelical Christians in Rome, and even the Catholic Church has experienced a vast decline in attendance, with 3 times more witches than priests in Rome. The hardest hit demographic is the youth. They have been basically cut off from their parents' generation, with most not claiming faith in the one true God.  90% of Catholics, after confirmation, leave the faith. Left to wander in the streets and hang out, searching for meaning, the suicide rate is high among the youth. Peppo pleaded with us to send some youth teams to reach the youth in Rome. He believes (and so do we) that the youth will be the ones to make a difference in the spiritual climate of Rome.

Rome Music Camp in June 2010 was the culmination of two years of praying and planning. Two youth teams, music instructors and other adults spent 10 days in Rome giving concerts, doing street evangelism, and conducting a music camp for about 40 Italian youth. God did amazing things: a concert permit in a piazza rarely used for that sort of thing; unprecedented cooperation among denominations; instructors provided at the last minute; technical obstacles overcome time and again; and great encouragement among missionaries working in a very difficult field. We will need to keep this momentum going in order to make a significant change and are already looking forward to Rome Music Camp 2011! 


He put a New Song in my mouth, a song of Praise to our God.

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